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Hi my name is Risa Weiner and I wanted to share my weight loss journey with you. I lost 60 pounds on my own and 60 more with weight watchers. I have struggled my entire life with being overweight which resulted in low self-esteem at times and lack of confidence!! I was always told I had a, pretty face and if I lost some weight I would be beautiful!! No one really talked about the health part of it and exercise! I tried other diets and lost very quickly only to put it all back and more. I know this is a very common story with other programs and have heard from so many other people that they have experienced this as well!! My family has diabetes, high blood pressure and overweight issues and I was so scared that I would end up like them as I was approaching turning 50!!!!! One day after going to my sister and brother is laws cottage and trying to have a fun snow ball fight with my daughter and nieces I experienced the worst pain in my knees. I went to my doctor and found out I had arthritis in my knees, and torn ligaments!! I was, also informed that for every 10 pounds you lose it’s like 30 pounds off your knees!! I joined weight watchers the next day!!!

I will be celebrating my seventh year with weight watchers this February and have been a lifetime member for almost 5 years!! I attend weekly meetings and I love all the support and encouragement from my fellow members and our incredible leader Kelly!!

Weight watchers has become my life and I have been able to pay it forward encouraging and motivating friends, coworkers and family to join me on this journey to good health!! So for This purpose I make a youtube channel “Risa Weiner” (you should subscribe by Clicking Here) and a Facebook Group “Weight Watchers Tips and Recipes By Risa” (you can join by Clicking Here) to share my Recipes and Motivational Tips.

I also love to bake and cook and have posted in the other weight watchers websites tons of my recipes and ideas to make all your favorite meals low fat and low sugar!! I always thought I was alone in my food obsession but I realized through this awesome community that I am not alone and I have a lot to give and receive from so many people!!

I want to share my story and help anyone so they can start feeling better about themselves!!! I exercise 5 to 6 times a week. I get up at 5:30 am before I work with my diagnostic kindergarten class and have my “me” time. Sometimes I walk at lunch and take my students out daily for a walk!! If it’s bad weather we go to the gym where we have running games! They love it and I get in my fitbit steps… As, well I love to be in daily and weekly fitbit challenges with friends and family members. This keeps me motivated and I love a good competition!

I am so happy to be part of the weight watchers family and I hope you share my story!!!

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