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Creamy Coleslaw Recipe

Creamy Coleslaw Recipe By Risa – Easy to Make

Coleslaw is just a fresh name to salad, with the idea of how fresh and lively it makes your meals.

Since its low fat and having only 3 smart points allows free eating and complete enjoyment of the taste.

The vegetables included in my recipe of coleslaw are cabbage, as it is from the cruciferous family, the nutrition in its roots.

Whereas the other ones are carrots and onion, i use vidalia onion due to its sweetness.

Oh, how sweet conscious i am.

Because of the more sweet you eat, the sweeter you are as a person.

To be honest, i relate.

However, the creamy dressing of the coleslaw is prepared with mayonnaise, yogurt, sweet syrup, vinegar, and spices.

For taste enhancement and with availability, you can add meat slices top, either chicken or beef.

I would have added chicken, it tastes extra yummy with the vegetables and creamy consistency.

homemade cole slawThe vegetables, on the other hand, can be increased, skipped and replaced.

For if your family likes eating wholesome and green, add the peas too. Add whatever you feel like adding.

We live with the food we eat, after all.

An aid to your taste, you can add macronies too.

Thank me later for such tips.

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Family dinner or regular lunch may better know the significance of salad on the table, it is somewhat eaten and enjoyed more than the other struggled dishes.

While making this, i swear i want to skip in between and eat the vegetables dressing alone.

Oh, and the name, kudos to the one who named it coleslaw or slaw- a bit like salad, the name is actually as beautiful as the recipe itself is. I mean what a cool derivation.

Else than dining, you can have coleslaw whenever you hungry and excited too. Just eat and eat fresh.

How To Make Creamy Coleslaw at Home

(Total 3 SP only counting the mayonnaise)


  1. 4 or more cups of shredded cabbage
  2. 2 or more cups of shredded carrots
  3. 2 tbs of grated vidalia onion ( any onion is fine)
  4. 2 tbs hellmans light mayonnaise 3sp
  5. 4tbs plain zero fat greek yogurt
  6. 2 to 3 cloves of crushed garlic
  7. 2 tbs of joseph’s syrup ( any honey, agave, swerve, stevia )
  8. 2 tbs dijon mustard
  9. 2 tbs white wine vinegar ( you can use red wine or balsamic vinegar)
  10. Kosher salt
  11. 1/4 tsp or more dry oregano
  12. Pepper and salt to taste
  13. Dry parsley ( sprinkle on top)
Buy Coleslaw Dressing


  • Shred cabbage and then carrots in the Cuisinart or a grater ( bagged cabbage and carrots are fine and faster).
  • Add kosher salt to cabbage and massage with your hands to soften the cabbage
  • Put in a large mixing bowl.
  • Add onion to to cabbage mixture
  • In a mixing bowl add mayonnaise, yogurt, syrup , oregano, mustard, vinegar, garlic, pepper and a pinch of salt.
  • Add dressing to cabbage mixture.
  • Sprinkle with parsley on top before serving!
  • Place in a sealed container and keep refrigerated! Should be good for up to 5 days!

Remember that all recipes are versatile so let me know if and how you changed it up!!!

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