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Meal Plan/Prep

Learn how I shop and what i buy to stay on track. I will show you how i prep my meals for the week. In addition see the variety of low carb options, high protein, low fat treats, fruit and vegetables too. See how making larger portions to have meals prepared for the entire week or to freeze for busy or future meals will help you!

Spinach Omelet for Breakfast or Brunch

Spinach Omelette

My spinach omelette is not only delicious, but it contains two of the most incredibly healthy ingredients that will not only taste great but will benefit your weight loss journey.  Of course I’m talking about the spinach and eggs!!! lol I love spinach and was excited to find out that …

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No Fat Eggplant Dip Recipe ( 0 SP)

Eggplant Dip

Eggplants belong to family of vegetables which are known as night shade like tomatoes, bell peppers etc. They grow like tomatoes. Their plants are very high and they are grown on height with vines of plant. They exist in various shapes and colors, but dark purple color is very famous …

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