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Meringue recipe

Freestyle Meringues with Whipped Cream Recipe By Risa

When experimenting recipes is your favorite hobby and you suddenly stumble upon a crazy tip, who can stop you from trying it out?

So i just learned the fact that the chickpea juice can be used to prepare a lavish whipped topping and guess what, i am over it.

These garbanzo beans, secondary name, are a popular snack in asian countries owing to its yummy taste when boiled and mixed with spices.

If we dig into its nutritional profile, it carries vitamins, minerals and like lots and lots of fiber.

Back to the making, i decided to contribute my creativity by adding vanilla essence and some lemon juice to bless it a smooth flavor.

Not to forget the icing sugar and cream of tartar for sure to partake in the essential consistency and texture the toppings are well known for.

Well, i am proud of myself because that turned out to be a total success.

Of course, the mixer did the job but let’s enjoy some credit myself too.

For the weight watchers, its just zero smart points and what else intrigues us the most?

The exposure to use it is really vast and from regular use to engage it in a variety of toppings, you are welcome.

I would like eating it with my all-time darling, sugar-free jello, and good to know, it makes a great combination with yogurt too.

As a quick tip, you can also add cocoa powder in it to turn the creamy white topping into choco brown topping just to eat your heart out.

If you like baking cookies, make this whipped cream a stimulating part of the platter and i am sure your family will praise your innate creative plus cooking skills.

The process to prepare it is itself so fun and for the love of chickpeas, try it this weekend.

How to Make a Meringue at Home


  1. Juice from one 543ml  can of chickpeas
  2. 1/2 swerve icing sugar
  3. 1/4 tsp cream of tartar
  4. Splash of vanilla
  5. Optional: splash of lemon juice,
  6. You could add a few sprinkles or more of cinnamon, any sugar free syrups or cocoa

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  • In a mix master( use whisk attachment ) or  electric hand mixer add juice of chick peas
  • Add cream of tartar
  • Add vanilla
  • Add icing sugar
  • Optional add lemon juice, or cinnamon or cocoa or other sugar free syrups
  • Mix until it is thick like a merengue type consistency! Takes at least five minutes!
  • Eat right away.
  • Add to pudding, yogurt, jello

Remember that all recipes are versatile so let me know if and how you changed it up!!!

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