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BeginninStrategies For Weight Loss

Beginning Strategies For Weight Loss with Risa Weiner

Strategies plays an important role in every phase of life. Here some of Beginning strategies for weight loss are discussed, That will help you to control your weight and keep yourself healthy.

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for subscribing and following me! For those who don’t know me, my name is Risa Weiner and I am excited to share some information about my weight loss  journey!

In total I have lost 120 pounds. Yes  120 pounds but over several years.  Yes I tried other “diets” but just like the word suggests they were diets not a lifestyle! After many failed attempts  I lost sixty on my own and sixty with Weight Watchers.  I knew that the only way to finally lost the rest of my weight was going full in! What I mean is tracking everything and I mean everything I was eating, exercising, making healthy food choices, and the most important piece was to attend weekly meetings! I believe that if you decide not to attend meetings than it is essential to have the support from family, friends, coworkers and groups who will cheer your successes and give you the support you need and deserve! This is your life you are looking after and to remember that you are the most important person!

For me going to meetings helped in so many ways. It makes you accountable by getting weighed in each week, thus you are aware of your progress. Having other members who understand many of your struggles with food and are experiencing similar problems as well. Of course they may not have the exact issues but they are empathetic and so many give great feedback and advice that other people who aren’t on this journey have no idea about.  I would get up early every Saturday morning by choice to attend the first meeting. Yes you can go most days of the week and there are certainly enough times that they have scheduled meetings. However for me this would get me up early in the morning and start my day . My weight watchers leader Kelly was also a key factor with regards to why I chose that meeting. Her quick  comebacks and funny disposition, and the way she makes us feel like she is talking directly to us was a big reason I loved going at that time . She can engage a huge room filled with other members and we learn something every week. From new recipes, new exercises, meal prep, self-esteem awareness, day to day issues, struggles, etc.. We feel the unconditional love and support each week!

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As many of you know and if you don’t is that I started my Face Book group called “Weight Watchers Tips and Recipes By Risa“! All are welcomes to join as long as you are on a health journey as well. Honestly it’s not just about being on Weight Watchers!  However I do believe with all my heart it is the best option to being successful and because it teaches you all the strategies to live a very healthy lifestyle.  You won’t ever starve and the beauty about it is you can eat everything in moderation as long as you plan, track and make good food choices.  I hope you will please share my group with others because I know there are thousands, even millions of people who are on a journey and need extra support, inspiration and motivation. That’s always been my dream to be able to pay it forward and help as many people as I can. I didn’t have that when I first started and so nothing could give me more pleasure than see all of you succeed too! We don’t nor should we ever have to do this alone!! It makes such a difference having others encourage your and to say you are doing so well, keep up the great work and determination. I love seeing how others are doing and when they post their successes or before and after pictures. I also love the cute and funny comments, recipes, food items that I would never would have thought to make or buy ingredients, spices that other members suggest. I never used to read ingredients or nutritional information either which is a huge part of doing well.

I am definitely a foodie and I know we are all addicts who love their food right? That’s how we got into this mess in the first place!  Lololol!!!! But I came to realize it doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy our food because we are choosing to be healthy. That’s why I make You Tube videos because I am excited to teach people that we can enjoy our favorite meals, desserts, snacks, and with lots of flavour and kick!!  I know I don’t want to feel deprived and neither should you. Everything is allowed in moderation. I remember years ago when my mother was on Weight Watchers and she would only eat low fat cottage cheese with pineapple, or plain tuna fish, chicken and salads.  I’m not saying you can’t enjoy these foods, but now you have so many choices and seasonings to make your food taste wonderful. And as a result will keep you satisfied and more determined to stick to the plan.

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I want you to know that I am far from perfect and over the years my weight has fluctuated. But it’s not about being perfect it’s about taking one meal at a time and one day at a time. For me waking up the next day and you know you have stuck to the plan and tracked all your food makes me feel in control and focused. Not to mention the best feeling ever!! And if you veered than you get right back on track immediately and don’t wait. That is a key factor as well!!  The great thing about a journey is that you have the opportunity to start fresh every single day or even the next meal, why wait !!! But make sure you keep a journal and write everything down to keep focused and in control.

When I first started out I had knee issues, and being severely overweight it was a challenge to exercise and to even walk a fair distance.  It’s important to consult with your physician before starting any exercise program. In addition, you need to be realistic of course!  Set small, achievable, measurable goals. And please start off slow!  I will never forget my sister taking me by the hand to walk a single block.  I was huffing and puffing, and I recall thinking I can’t do this! I certainly wasn’t happy at the time and a little embarrassed as well.  But I set small goals and would increase the amount of walking I did outside. It was great to go on my own and then I started asking family and friends to join as well. It’s a great distraction and having company is fun as well.  Going to the gym was out of the question as I was way too self-conscious. I was afraid that people would be staring, judging, and I was afraid of what they were thinking.  I came to realize that it was actually the opposite!  They see that you are doing something to change and improve your life. It’s all in our heads about how we are feeling because our insecurities get the best of us.  I finally started to join different exercise groups and was pleasantly surprised to see so many different shapes and sizes. And realized no one cares what you look like!!!!

In addition I  have an air climber, treadmill, hula-hoop, and an exercise ball ( I even keep one at work too). I love to walk outside most days and have my alone time. However during very cold, wet, stormy weather I find different exercises to keep me challenged. I am always changing and setting new goals to keep be challenged and motivated.  So please find something even if its dancing in your house that will get you moving because this is another key element to your journey and has been on mine!

In addition it’s so important to realize that because this is a journey that it takes time to take off the weight and to change your mind set. I always say slow and steady wins the race. We didn’t put this weight on overnight and we shouldn’t expect to take it off in a hurry either! So please remember that having support from my face book group Weight Watcher Tips and Recipes By Risa, My You Tube Channel Risa’s Recipes, my Instagram risaspiece8,  attending weekly meetings if you can, and the love and support from your family, friends, coworkers, etc… Are the key elements to stay focused, inspired, motivated, determined, and successful on your journey to good health and happiness!

Love you guys!!! Risa Weiner

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